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Recessionista Totes

As the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) appears to be settling in for the long haul we decided that having a positive attitude is the best way to combat the economic blues. So we've designed our own range of 'Recessionista Totes'.

Our Keep Calm and Carry On Shopping and Economy is in Peril Spend With All Your Might totes are a play on propaganda posters created by Great Britain during World War II. These two designs are available in a range of colours. The Shop for the Economy (Deco) design is available in black only and features an Art Deco-style font and foliage. The Shop for the Economy (Retro) design is available in red only and features a bold font inspired by the 'Vote for Pedro' shirts made popular by Napoleon Dynamite.

The Natural (unbleached cotton) bags are available in two styles: shopper (which has two handles) and messenger (which has one sling style strap designed to be worn over the shoulder or across the body). The Blue (cotton) and Black (cotton) bags are available in the shopper style.

Bags are made in China but hand screen printed in our Brisbane studio.